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We help photographers, reps and stock agencies take their business to the next level.

The professional photography market is now more competitive than ever. It's not enough to produce great work. You must also market your business effectively.

Whether you're a well-established photographer, mid-career or just starting out, Creative Touchpoint can help you increase your revenue and advance your career by creating a marketing program designed specifically to meet your goals.

We also work with reps and stock photo agencies to help them implement cost-effective marketing programs to maximize revenue, exposure and growth.

Are your current marketing efforts as effective as you would like? Do you want to diversify your revenue stream? Are you poised to take the next step in your career? Call us to schedule a free initial consultation with no obligation.

Creative Touchpoint helps you achieve your goals.


We help you

  • Refine your portfolio and other

    marketing material
  • Clarify & strengthen your brand
  • Make your Website a more effective
    marketing tool
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Acquire new, high-quality leads
  • Identify and address secondary markets for assignment, stock & print sales